The Wit & Wisdom of Martin VanBuren

Numerically, the 8th President. Objectively, the best ruler in the history of man.

June 17, 2004

Yes, it is me. Martin Van Buren. Eighth President of the United States of America

I know what you are saying.

Mr. President didn't you die 142 years ago?

First off, it won't be 142 years until July and Martin's calendar still says June baby, June.

But I cannot deny the fact that I indeed am dead. While it isn't an excuse, I do offer it up as the reason I'm so late to the blog game.

But now I'm here to regale you with the collected wisdom of both my illustrious life and yea even the occasional comment on the current state of the world that becomes illuminated to me in this computational tomb of electrical charges, glass and metal strings.

In good faith I pledge to share my accumulated allegories, anecdotes and knowledge with regular posts.

With that I bid you a fond adieu.



Blogger Peabs, Emperor of the Universe said...


Obvs in '04.

3:54 PM  
Blogger JPMcKrengels said...

What about Connecticut? Got anything to say about Connecticut?

3:56 PM  
Blogger LascauxCaveman said...

What's this rumor I hear about you being the bastard son of that ol' swinger Aaron Burr?

10:00 PM  
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