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August 02, 2004

Iraq didn't even have one fighting monkey!

White girls be wary of the monkey armyColor me amazed!

When I glossed over a yahoo article this morning and deduced from my brief scan that Thailand was training an army of super-ape warriors I was shocked.

In my day, I once had the pleasure of meeting the King of Siam on one of his western jaunts.

Can Siam be trusted?He was a lovely fellow, majestic, regal, bald, always quoting Harriet Beecher Stowe... but oh man did he like the white girls!

I tell you what, that's probably why they've got the monkey army!

The heavily armed apes will come and carry off our women like hairy, 400 lbs. Apache!

If there was ever a time for pre-emptive war, and there isn't, this would be it.

The mac dad will make you jump jump

The daddy mac will make you jump jump


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