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August 04, 2004


How much for the American women, your daughter, sell us your children!

I can hardly believe my deep-blue, seductively strong and unusually perceptive eyes!!!

That is our President clearly conspiring with foreign generals.

I don't recognize the exact insignia, perhaps they are those Alsatian mercenaries the Holy Roman Emperor values so much, the one on the far right could be... Bohemian maybe? And I do believe the one in the middle is Captain Crunch!!!!

Soon our shores will be over run by this Holy-Roman-Mercenary-Cereal-Eating-Vaguely-Eastern-European-Intellectual-Horde!!!!

Color painted daguerreotypes don't lie my friends we have a full blown Benedict Arnold in our midst and I ain't talkin' about Pat Morita.

You better check yo self fool!


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