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September 20, 2004

Part 2: based on past performance what can we expect?

A continuation of last Friday's piece on the current election.

But MVB what about all this hubbub about the candidate’s Viet Nam records? Isn’t that just distracting from the real issues?

Well to a certain extent yes, but I do believe prior job performance can illuminate what kind of a job the candidate will do in office.

Beatles. Best.Let’s start with Kerry. Born a rich kid, but generally has done stuff on his own. Swift boat dudes for Bush can say what they want, the Green Beret Kerry pulled out of the water says that he owes his life to Kerry. I’ll take that guy at his word--he was there and has little to gain from fabricating this story.

Kerry then became an avid protester against Viet Nam, and I think while that was a tragic era in America, history is on his side. However you feel about this tragic era, his protests certainly shouldn’t preclude him from being commander in chief—especially since our last two Presidents avoided the war completely.

Then he was a very successful prosecutor and by all accounts was tough on crime while still making his office work expediently, getting cases processed instead of letting them languish. His private law practice was a successful business. His Senate career is distinguished and he has represented his state admirably and to the great acclaim of his constituents. Nit pick a bill here or there if you must, but basically you’ve got a record of evenhanded responsibility.

Now lets look at Bush. Whatever rules Bush may or may not have broken while in the National Guard we do know that his father helped get him out of Viet Nam. We know he was trained as a pilot and an officer and that he choose rather than to complete that duty to the best of his ability to ask for a leave to work on a political campaign in Alabama while there was a shortage of combat pilots in Viet Nam. It may have been perfectly legal, but it doesn’t display strong character or the leadership qualities becoming an officer in any level of the American military.

I was thinking maybe I could DH, or perhaps play shortstop He then tried to run for congress and lost. No big deal, happens to the best of us... loser.

He bought an oil company with money from his dad’s friends and then sold all his stock right before the company went bankrupt. He didn’t file his paper work with the SEC, but he was never really investigated--I'm sure the political connections of his family at the highest levels of government overseeing the SEC had nothing to do with it. He bought an interest in the Texas Rangers, which became worth a lot of money when his campaign to build a new stadium with taxpayer money went through. Also traded Sammy Sosa for nothing.

So lets see that’s two more instances of his decisive leadership ending up in failure for those of you keeping track and one of him making a personal fortune on the backs of honest tax payers.

He did parlay his name, coincidently the name of one of the most famous politicians of the day into a governorship. As governor, he gutted environmental legislation, making Texas first in pollution and 49th in environmental spending. Also dramatically cut education spending, to the point where many Texas school systems can no longer afford free kindergarten. He cut a program that gave health care to disadvantaged kids. Sponsored legislation that took debt incurred by private energy companies and made it public debt, to the tune of $9 billion. Turned a large budget surplus into a large deficit through irresponsible tax cuts that simply moved the state’s burden to municipalities and in other cases left critical programs un-funded.

Then of course he became President and achieved a similar level of failure as seen in part one.

I believe I’ve argued with rather strong evidence that George Bush has a long history of decisively bad leadership and in several cases failed leadership, starting with his military service, personal business and political offices.

The choice given to the American people is not between a flip-flopper and a decisive leader. The choice is between two men with the will to lead, only one of which has ever shown any ability to rise to burden of his responsibilities and succeed.

Teach the children ,save the nation

I see the destruction, the situation

They're corrupt, and their time's up soon


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