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September 27, 2004

Want fair elections? Try Mozambique.

It's true, I invented the iPodMy fellow ex-President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter wrote an op/ed piece today for the Washington Post. In it the illustrious President Carter illuminates problems plaguing Florida other than hurricanes, Spanish Privateers (that's p.c. for Pirates yo), raiding bands of Seminole Indians and the Bowden family.

Now I should be honest and say that I've never been a big fan of Florida, during my administration we had to fight a war there with the before mentioned Seminoles which became so frustrating that I entertained the idea of getting bids on a giant saw to cut a huge canal at the Georgia border and send that pitiful excuse for a state floating off towards Cuba. However, I backed off from the idea since I had already come up with the idea for the Erie Canal and didn't want to be pigeon holed as a big ditch politician.

You suck.But I digress.

President Carter spends much of his time making sure nations around the world hold fair democratic elections. He has successfully helped convert dictatorial nations through out Central America, Africa and Asia through the principals of democratic voting, in short he's the leading world authority on the process of holding elections.

Yet, he doesn't feel the institutions of power in Florida are current allied with the principals of democracy.

It's a travishamockery of the highest order. We have an administration that is waging a war with American blood under the pretense of imposing democratic institutions on a people that may or may not be ready to adopt such institutions, yet they purposefully undermined the same institutions at home with their local party machine.

Seriously, that's so effed up.

Got to give us what we want

Gotta give us what we need

Our freedom of speech is freedom or death

We got to fight the powers that be


Blogger dukkillr said...

i for one can't believe that a retired democrat would complain about things being run by the republican governor who happens to be the brother of the republican president who's running for re-election... certainly that can't be political...

4:02 PM  
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