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September 13, 2004

You Can't Polish a Terd...

I like number 1, I like number 1But Apparently you can synthesis piss!

That's right an American company with the stupid and meaningless name of Dyna-Tek (I would have called it WisCo or Peetek) has developed a product called Surine.

They claim it's better for medical research or something because real human piss, "smells", "can foam" and "decays rapidly".

Nothing worse than a jar of decayed pee-pee I always say.

Clearly the real market opportunities here are stoners trying to pass their drug screen at WalMarts and R Kelly.

Get a contract with the later and you gots a license to print money as far as I'm concerned.

After the show, it's the after-party
and after the party it's the hotel lobby.


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