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October 21, 2004

First the Viet Cong, now geese, will no one protect us from the dealy aim of John Kerry?

John Kerry went hunting for water foul in Ohio today to court that state's powerful "only good bird is a dead bird" constituency.

I suspect now we'll have to endure endless accusations from Geese Hunters for Truth.

If they weren't wearing so much camo, you could see them.

"I noticed that Kerry claimed to kill a goose. AND IT WAS A CANADIAN GOOSE. Why aren't American Geese good enough for John Kerry?
-- Al Smith, Goose Hunter rt.

I was in the next field, and I say it looked more like a large duck than a goose. And it sure ain't duck season!
-- Rhonda Dykeson-Cheney, Ladies who love ladies who love dead birds

John Kerry was there and had a shotgun, but the dog was actually a small boy in disguise who did all the bird killing! AND THE BOY WAS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN! FROM IRAN!
-- "Crazy" Larry Busherton, Past President Duck's Unlimited, Current President, A-Rabs Limited

The only thing John Kerry's ever shot off was his mouth. Oh, and the hands of Vietnamese children, but that doesn't really count.
-- Identity withheld, but seriously, it's not like it's Karl Rove or anything, definitely not Karl Rove.

What a colossal pussy! I mean seriously this guy pretends to shoot birds but he is such a pussy. I mean would Jesus have put up with a pussy like this? I don't think so, not my blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus.
-- Pat Robertson, host of the 700 Club, avid watcher on hunting shows on OLN

Everyone knows that geese aren't real. They're just myths like the tooth fairy and the war on terr... oh shit I just fucked up didn't I? Uh, John Kerry's wife is a bitch, don't forget that. Don't want no first bitch in White House she's one huge bitch!!!
-- C. Riceolessa, Birds are Bullshit, P.A.C.

Stay hittin with the shit that blow a hole in ya trunk
Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us that's when we gettin dangerous, come on


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rhonda Dykeson-Cheney, Ladies who love ladies who love dead birds--->sad but true, & funny!


7:06 PM  
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