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November 04, 2004

4 Out 5 Doctors Agree

U.S. researchers said on Thursday they had found sperm nursery cells in mice, grown them in lab dishes and used them to father baby mice.

Sperm Nursery is so Nov. 4, 2004, but like earlier in the morning before lunchReached for comment, head researcher, Hiroshi Kubota noted that this could be a break through in genetic research and could offer new treatments for previously terminal diseases, much like stem cells. "Plus, Sperm Nursery is like a totally boss name for a metal band," said Kubota.

Noted blogger and recent Presidential candidate, Peabs agreed that Sperm Nursery was indeed a good band name.

"That's fabulous! It's up there with Cock Hoagie or The Mulato Pulatis."

Ms. Modernage and Ultragrrrl could not be reached for comment, but we can assume they've already seen Sperm Nursery multiple times and really tend to prefer their early stuff, before that NME staffer almost wrote a Pitchfork article about them.

My speech is my recital.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite band name is "The Unborn Widows" (but that may only be funny to attorneys).

BTW, my favorite fake name for a person is "A. Nelly Roticism." I made it up myself. When I was in college, my roomates and got untold amounts of junkmail that began "Dear Ms. Roticism,".

That is all.


9:06 PM  
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