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November 08, 2004

CNN Toying with the Idea Running All Programing in Green-vision

On the eve of his second term, there has been much talk about how President Bush might modify his approach to governance, considering he spent a large portion of his first term raising money and running for his second term (when he wasn't taking naps -- natch).

The right wing pundits and advisors are talking about spending all the "political capital" George Bush has amassed on an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment (a completely foolish waste of effort, tax dollars and time considering the vast majority of state are moving to keep that practice illegal and the "defense of marriage act" is still the law of the land and has never been challenged in court) and privatizing social security (with no way to pay for the transition of course).

Not quite sure what planet these guys are on, they certainly are allowed to gloat over a victory and I do understand 51% is a majority, but frankly 1% of political capital doesn't buy what it use to.

The rest of the world is hoping that Bush will re-engage the Mid East Peace Process after the demise of Mr. Arafat and perhaps in earnest seek out a more multi-lateral foreign policy in other global theaters.

Why would anyone believe this president might modify his behavior in his second term? Furthermore, why would anyone suspect his second term will be more successful than his first?

HURRY HARRIET CNN'S DONE GONE GREEN AGAINHere's our recent record of multi-term Presidents.

Clinton, career debilitating blow job ironically neuters his presidency, Regan, Iran Contra scandal that in many ways undermined the increased global stability he helped bring by easing tensions with the Soviets, Nixon, everyone remembers Watergate, but he also continued to pursue a Viet Nam policy of "Vietnamization" that was an utter disaster, Johnson, while not technically a two term President, he did serve more than 4 years and treated his full term much like a second term, escalating the Viet Nam war and then bailing himself out and leaving his country with the disastrous results.

Even now, what’s the first thing Bush is doing as a victor? Trying to finish the work of his first term blunders in Iraq.

Today our Marines go to "clean" out Falluja, something the President couldn't "afford" to do during the election cycle and something he failed to plan for before invading the country.

My advice for the President would be to stockpile his "political capital" until the Iraq situation is better in hand -- far lesser situations have brought down far greater men in their second terms.

My expectation is that our TV news will be dominated by night-vision-green for sometime -- that alone makes any success by this president very difficult.

No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil
No more psychological warfare to trick us to thinking that we ain’t loyal


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