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December 03, 2004

Carlos D Gave this Guy's Girlfriend Herpes

It's the Shankers that make me sad.I have only one question for this dude's girl.

What did you expect?

He has D in his name for goodness' sake. Plus, his part starts below his ear, which is SOOOO creepy wrong -- it might actually be CRONG TM.

Imagine if she slept with Peabs, she'd probably be incubating one of those things from Aliens... you know, a bald actor that's often stronger in a supporting role rather than a lead. Perhaps, Sigourney Weaver or Charles S. Dutton.

Thanks to Jazz-bot at Gawker for the link buzz.

Boy thinks of that big fat back
Big black fat love, big black fat
Girl calls boy to stand him up on Saturday


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