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January 20, 2005

Stick and Stones Will Break Your Bones, Unless You're Surrounded by Heavily Armed Security

Feel safe?

So today is inauguration day, yippe frickin' skippy.

Yes there are crazy parties and designer dresses for the cute twin and "the other one," but in all likelihood this inauguration will be remembered for yet again stepping security up a notch.

There are a 100 fortified blocks in every direction of the White House and Capitol Hill.

Snipers. Bomb sniffing dogs. Undercover agents and police of all conceivable varieties and jurisdictions. Miles of metal barricades. Military fly overs, etc. etc.

DANGER DANGERMost ridiculous of all, protesters (who due to what the administration must deem an annoying clause in the first amendment have a right to assemble, all be it on a very small piece of real estate) are not allowed to put their signs on poles or sticks.

We've surrounded the President and his posse with more armed men then we sent into Iraq and we're concerned about sticks?

During the last Bush parade, his car was egged -- that's as much danger as the douche bag's ever been in -- contracting salmonella after being compelled to lick the door handle of his limo.

Sticks aren't very effective against snipers last time I checked. Is the real reason for the ban more about information control than crowd control? And might the secret service be simply protecting the feelings of the President who is clearly oblivious of information that isn't spoon fed him?

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Blogger Tommy said...

Mr.Prez, your talent for hilarity and on the spot commentary knows no bounds. Best damn post I've read on this nauseatingly tasteless inauguration.

3:59 PM  
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