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January 04, 2005

VH1 Re-Made Him Into a Potty Mouth

The FCC has yet to comment on the F-Bomb dropped by Vince Neil, who is best known for his work with Corey Feldman and the nerdy chick from 90210 on the Surreal Life.

Neil was performing with Motley Crue, which by the way nobody ever asked to reunite in the first place, on the Tonight Show New Year's Eve bash, which by the way, no one in their right mind would watch, when he said something.

That something was fuck.

Leave Hulk alone dickwadMedia experts agree that the FCC will be in an interesting position when it comes to fining NBC and the other respective parties.

"Only assholes watch the Tonight Show, so really only a small audience of said assholes could have actually witnessed the f-word and not one asshole on the West Coast could have seen it, cause they don't get shit live out there," said Larry Hughes, professor of TV repair at ITT Tech.

"But the thing is, most of the people at the FCC are assholes and they probably think Jay Leno is funny, which is utter bullshit, but does increase the chance that they would have witnessed this non-event live and therefore would issue some hefty fines."

Pop goes the weasel
Cause the weasel goes pop


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