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February 11, 2005

I'm Freakin Out Here MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Mexico, even better than the real thing -- and it's in the USA according to this plateThis week the Bush White House asked the Supreme Court to block a New Mexican church from using the hallucinogenic, hoasca tea in it's religious ceremonies.

Good to know we've got our priorities in the war on drugs straight -- crack and horse still run the inner cities, every red state is practically busting at the gills with meth and hillbilly heroine and the Bush administrations is NARCIN' on a handful of old hippies searching for God in the desert.


Do you think there is something else to do out there?

Maybe go to Wal Mart, build a big freakin’ sand castle, watch your next door neighbor from 50 miles away throw pottery -- not a whole lot going on.

Well I think it's booty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa... slow down..

There's a "New" Mexico?

-- Mr. Burns

9:36 PM  
Blogger Ellis D. Tecnine said...

The appeals court rightly ruled in favor of the church, and the Supremes should have thrown the Bush administration's appeal in the crapper. Instead, they are going to hear the case, and they ought to rule decisively on the side of freedom.

The church should win this case, of course. It's about the right to control one's own consciousness. What's more fundamental than that? How can anyone possibly argue that there is a constitutional right to rip apart a baby in your womb, but not a constitutional right to do as you please with your own mind? Asshats!

I took hoasca (ayahuasca) prepared by a shaman in the Peruvian Amazon a few years back, and it was one of the most incredible trips of my life.

Jack-booted thugs attack church

7:53 PM  
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