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February 04, 2005

Must I Fight the Slave Trade at Every Turn?

Is the UN complicit in PBS's human trafficking ring?PBS Special Explores Slavery

When I read that headline today, I was frankly shocked and decided to formulate an opinion in the absence of further information, a rational explanation or "reading the article."

How could the venerable Public Broadcasting System even entertain the idea of keeping other humans in forced servitude?

I spent the better part of my days fighting against the idea of slavery and frankly I can't believe anyone would consider it's reintroduction... well maybe those fuckers at NPR those bastards will consider anything, all things even.

Gross indeedSo PBS don't lower yourselves to the debauched immoral level of public radio, you’re TV, you have pictures and Muppets and guys in turtlenecks who's turtlenecks we can see--you can't break that sacred moral trust.

In closing and in summation, NPR supports slavery and Terry Gross should be run out town on a rail for her incessant racist tirades.

I'm a slave to the rhythm


Blogger C. Frigglesworth said...

NPR is indeed a motley band of loathesome characters. They'll do anything for a buck, including so-called "fundraising drives" (ask Hugh Grant.) In fact, if you win some silly game called "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!", Carl Kassel, one of the National Prostitute Radio's anchors, will come to your house and "record your answering machine message," which is of course code for a hojo for crack.

I observed the following on another electronical bulletin board system:

Carl Kassel is a raging alcoholic. His "dignified" voice comes from years of a special throat therapy prepared by Dr. Jack Daniels. He usually spends WWDTM passed out in a chair in the corner. When someone taps him he wakes up suddenly and shouts deliriously, "And I'm Carl Kassel!" and then passes out again.

So sad."

3:03 PM  
Blogger President Martin Van Buren said...

Not as sad as NPR JOKES!!! HA HA HA ... uggghhhh... [sigh]

3:25 PM  
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