The Wit & Wisdom of Martin VanBuren

Numerically, the 8th President. Objectively, the best ruler in the history of man.

February 21, 2005

What do you buy for the dead President with everything?

Surprise me.

Happy President's Day one and all -- sorry you can't get your mail or go to the bank, but it leaves you more time to do that "last minute" President's Day shopping.

PS I don't need anymore deeply discounted toaster ovens.

He's the greatest of the greater, getting straight A's grade.
Playing fame cause his name is known in every state.
His name is Jay to see him play will make you say:
"Goddamn, that DJ made my day!"


Anonymous Sir Elton John said...

happy president's day. i bought you a $10 gift card to virgin records.

11:55 AM  
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